Zach Thomas

A Personal Design Manifesto

When I embark on a new design project, there are moments near the beginning where I can run into a bit of a brick wall. However, I often overcome these mental hurdles by knowing that the work is already done in the future. I'm not going to allow myself to not have a great answer in the end, which means that that solution already exists somewhere, I just need to materialize it.

This personal manifesto translates into a poster which serves to document the creative process for finding those answers, however a designer may happen to get there.

View full poster here. Prints available.

Typefaces used: ITC Franklin Gothic
Measures: 24" x 18"

Full Manifesto Text

Finding the best solution to a new design problem is all about process. How designers go about ideation and creative problem solving can often become overwhelming and confusing, causing “designer’s block.” Yet, whether work is for a client, a school assignment, or personal project, there is always a solution out there.
There is going to be a way to get it done and have an answer by the deadline. That great idea already exists in the future—the designer just needs to find a way catch up to it. Generate bad idea after bad idea in order to get to a good idea; then scrap that for the great idea.
Remember to talk and share ideas with others.
Approach comparisons with caution.
Edit, but don’t overthink.
This poster is meant to serve as a visual reminder and inspiration for designers. Mapping the creative process allows for the realization that there is a solution to every problem out there. All designers need to do is find it. We’re visual people after all, right?